R Netcdf cheatsheet

NetCDF files are often used to distribute gridded, multidimensional spatial data such as sea surface temperature, chlorophyll-a levels and so on. NetCDF is more than just a file format, and so googling it can be a little intimidating. I hope this helps make these files a little easier to use in R.

South African municipal elections 2016

A visual comparison of party effort

Employing and promoting candidates costs money. Assuming that our political parties don’t have infinite financial resources it follows that investigating where they invest their resources may be a reasonable proxy for effort. Furthermore, looking at the change in effort adds a temporal dimension, suggesting where effort has increased or decreased between the elections.

Windrose Plots

Plotting a windrose in R with ggplot2

This post covers plotting windroses in R.

Greyscale Contour Plots

Plotting greyscale contoured data in R with ggplot2

As most people know, publishing in colour is way more expensive than in grey scale. The costs were completely prohibitive for myself and my co-authors, so I made efforts to change my beautiful, spectacularly coloured plots, which looked so nice in slide shows, into grey scale.